What to wear this summer?

Colors to wear this summer

It’s Summer Time!!

Spring summer color palette you need to know this season for both Men and Women.

       Summer colors can lift your mood at any time. It brings to mind Sandy beaches,cool ocean breezes, water sports etc. Wearing refreshing colors brings out the summer feelings of excitement, fun and freedom.

      This Spring Summer bring the high fashion and street style together by wearing the colors that lifts up your mood.

      Summer brings distinctive fashion for both men and women. What was once considered classic in men’s fashion is changing. Today, men can jazz up their summer wardrobe by creating proper, seasonal color combinations. Finding the right summer color combinations puts you ahead of the curve whether dressing for the office or a night in town.

   There’s one aspect of the sunny season that puzzles every year. Why do men generally have such a hard time unlike woman choosing seasonal colors that go well together? Could it be the effects of heat exhaustion? Or, maybe it’s simply because men don’t care about the way they dress. Nonetheless, whatever the reason may be let’s find out which colors are in trend this summer and what colors should be matched with another. When it comes to summer trends for men, they need to wear something light and good looking.

Women can carry any dress but men want Fuss-free fashion, something easy going. Summer may not be the best season for men to show off their style but it’s the best season to show the muscles with light colorful outfits. Women can always wear fun colors with flattering styles that will accentuate their body structure. Let’s find out what shades can help you spruce up your wardrobe this summer.

     Fuss-Free Spring Summer Palette for both and women:

Softly tinted pales (Pastels)

Softly tinted pales or pastels will provide you with a gentle, subtle look. They can easily be combined with most neutrals and dark.

Pastel colors for men

Deep Bright hues

“Deep brights” are generally seen on women, but this spring summer all colors are “in” for men. They can throw deep bright colors on any kind of look!

Dark hues for women

Wild Colors:

     Colors, colors and more colors… This summer is all about wearing distinctive hues,so you might want to show off tops, T-shirts and shirts in color such as ivory, lavender, lilac, lemon yellow, mint green, light blue and grayish or color pink. Then again,wild colors might not suit everyone’s taste and style, so you make sure you feel comfortable wearing them before buying them. A person who has got a bold and quirky taste can pull off these colors.

Wild Colors

  Look for these colors for a sustainable and fuss-free fashion for all this summer!

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