Terrorist murders 49 people in New Zealand

A terrorist murders 49 innocent people in New Zealand

Forty-nine people were brutally murdered by Brenton Harrison Tarrant, an Australian citizen. He has been arrested and charged with murder in connection with two attacks. Two other people were arrested in the immediate aftermath of the shootings.

It wasn’t a random shooting, it was carefully planned and executed. The first shooting took place just after 1:30 PM at Al-Noor Mosque. The terrorist not only planned it executed by streamed it live one social media for about 17 minutes. Which raises a question, why wasn’t that live video reported to the authorities by Facebook?

Right after the livestream, a second attack was initiated at Linwood mosque where at least seven people were killed. The names of other perpetrators have not been released.

A 87 page manifesto was released on twitter and 8chan, before the terrorist attack and it was posted to an account in Tarrant’s name. This raises a question on Twitter, how did this go unnoticed?

A lot of the people who died in the attacks were the breadwinners for their families, said Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Miss Ardern told the reporters that “The victims were predominantly from the ages of 20 to 60ish — and a large number of men”

She also said a government compensation system would help families of those left without income. In the meantime, mosques would continue to get extra security.

“The commissioner has advised that police security will continue at mosques around New Zealand until it is determined that it is no longer a threat,” she said, as she referred to the country’s police commissioner, Mike Bush.

But the question still raises why is there such a rise in hatred against one religion and why has the media been calling him – a shooter, mad man, attacker. Call him what he is – A terrorist.

Other than that a serious question should be raised on the social media platforms and their authority. When everyone had access then why didn’t anyone of them report to the authorities regarding this terrorist?

And we as humans, have we forgotten what compassion meant to us? Have we actually forgotten what life means?

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