Pulwama Attack – The Nation Stands Together.

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We have lost our brave hearts at the Pulwama district, Jammu and Kashmir at the hands of terrorists, the entire nation is sad and angry with what has occured. The Jawans who were killed in the attacks included individuals of different religions and casts. Today, We as a nation are going beyond the aspect of cast and creed and are saluting all our Jawans who have laid their lives for the country. It is because of them that we ‘the aam aadmi’ live and love peacefully within the borders.

Pulwama is a small district in Jammu and Kashmir, India. It is approximately 40 km’s from Srinagar. The province is well known as Pulwama accounts for high milk production. Today, 4 army personals were martyred fighting terrorist and security groups including a Major in Jammu and Kashmir. Reports suggest that a total of 4 terrorists have been taking shelter in the district. At press time, all four terrorists have been gunned down.

One of the defense spokespeople claims that these terrorists were involved in the 14th February car bombing attacks in Pulwama. Jawans who were martyred during the operation have been identified as Major Vibhuti Shankar Dhoundiyal, Hawaldar Sheo Ram, Sepoy Hari Singh, and Sepoy Ajay Kumar. These martyrs belonged to the 55 Rashtriya Rifles.

On February 14, approximately 40 CRPF Jawans in a bus were killed in a terrorist suicide attack in Pulwama district, Kashmir. According to reports, the act was executed by a terrorist organization called Jaish-e-Mohammed. Following the attacks on our Jawans, Pakistan has been facing a lot of pressure from all around the globe. As an immediate action, India has taken away Pakistan’s ‘most favored nation tag’ and has hiked custom duties of all Pakistani goods entering India by 200 percent.

On the eve of Tuesday, according to one of the stories by India Today, Congress came out to blame the central government over the Pulwama attacks. Congress believes that this operation was successful only because of the security lapses by the government. However, the attack on the center was not talked about by the Congress on Saturday as Rahul Gandhi stated that the party will not be holding any conversations over the next couple of days other than ‘our most beloved people have been killed, their families need us, and we are going to stand with them.’

Covering the incident, NDTV came out with a report according to which Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the time for talks with Pakistan is over. Narendra Modi in Bihar expressed his anger by saying that ‘there is a fire raging my heart.’ Amit Shah while attending a rally in Assam also stated that the government will not let sacrifices made by the soldier go in vain. Following which, Shiv Sena, an ally of the Bharatiya Janata Party also condemned the attacks and said that it was time to attack Pakistan and seek revenge in the deaths of the soldiers.

According to the Union Minister of State for External Affairs General (retd.) VK Singh “India will choose the time and place for retaliation and that it will be “properly planned and well thought of. Any war, war-like or punitive action must be planned for success. It should be a cold act, and nothing is to be done in a hurry,” General Singh, former Army chief, said. “Even Osama (Bin Laden) was not killed in a day, despite the fact that the US knew he was hiding in Pakistan. Let us support our forces.”

According to the reports in the Economic Times, Lt Gen Kanwal Jeet Singh Dhillon sent a strong message to the youth of Kashmir who he believes in misguided. He said that ‘anyone who picks up a gun in Kashmir will be eliminated.’ Lt Gen Kanwal Jeet appealed directly to the mothers of these young Kashmiris asking them to make sure that their children do not take up terrorism and surrender to the forces. Lt Gen believes that ‘ Mothers have an essential part to play in Kashmiri society.

These kind of attacks on the Indian army on the Indian soil are highly condemnable and sad. Pakistan needs to understand that they need to keep their state free from terrorists. We have let pakistan off the hook several times and this can not continue to happen. Our soldiers are precious to the entire nation.

Me along with the entire nation believe that now It’s time to retaliate. This is a mutual feeling amongst all Indians regardless of cast and creed. India has let a lot of things go, but killing of our soldiers is something that India will not succumb to. With this in mind, The Indian forces pinned down the terrorist involved in the CRPF killings. They also neutralized the mastermind of the attack. Entire India is waiting to find out what’s in store. For further updates on what’s happening and what is going to happen, hook up with Lifeartified every once in a while. We will bring the news to you on your table.

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