Love stories these days are all about sex

Modern love stories revolve around sex

Love is the feeling that has been existent from the beginning of time. There has been various myths and stories that have been written on the immortal love between two people time and again. These stories have lived over centuries and inspired people to do crazy things that they would never do in their sane mind.

Be it the story of Radha Krishna or the modern play of Romeo Juliet. “Love survives the most challengings situation” we have been hearing this for long. It will always exist as an immortal feeling. However, the question here is, “Are all these stories true?”. The expectations set by the long lost history show a beautiful side to the feeling of love.

Millennia later, we still live and fall in love. However, the definition of love has changed from that period to ours. We have heard of the stories where couples die in love, now does that love really exist?

As the title suggests, Love these days is more about sex and money rather than the feeling of being together. It is a give and take relationship, where one would expect sex and others would expect gifts. Involving in some unattached sex isn’t bad, but naming that lust towards each other as love is tainting the ideals of love.

Physical intimacy isn’t wrong at all when you are in love you eventually come closer. We know for a fact that hormones make you feel attracted towards the other gender and it is entirely natural. However, there are a lot of people out there who use the word love to satisfy their body hunger. Sometimes they end up hurting people to such an extent that their trust is completely shattered.

There have been hundreds of definitions for love. But, my favorite is to define it as an intense feeling of affection towards a person. I have known from experience that love and sex don’t necessarily go hand in hand. However, sex works as a catalyst for enhancing their love.

It is time we talk about what we know and what we feel with someone who is a little mature than the age of crazy sex. Using the word “love” can break someone’s heart to such an extreme level that they will not be able to trust someone else. Be clear about your intentions when you start dating. Are you actually in love with the person or starting this relationship for sex?

Think before you say “I love you” out loud carefully.

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