Let’s talk about periods!

Why are periods painful?

Is it really shameful to talk about your pain? As you may or may not know, but most(but not all)get their period. 80% of the women experience period pain at some stage in their lifetime. This happens due to the shedding of the uterus walls. It is natural and a sign that your body is healthy and working how it should be. If periods are a part of biology and science then why do we as women feel weird and embarrassed about their periods?? I mean it becomes so difficult at times to make your loved ones understand that it’s that time of the month again.

I think a lot of embarrassment or discomfort women feel surrounding their period is because society deems it socially unacceptable or taboo to talk about it out loud. Just how it’s not appropriate to say “Vagina” or “Penis” out loud without  a slew of giggles or shocked looks following. Periods, vaginas, penises are all natural: All these are parts of our bodies. They are natural therefore we should feel free to talk about them.

   I think lack of ease in talking about periods traces back to body insecurities in general. Body shaming is a huge thing in our culture specifically due to unrealistic ideals of beauty that mass media throws in our faces.

Periods pain is a real pain:

Periods are messy, periods are stingy and they sometimes painful. I go through this pain every month and it feels like someone has injected a sharp knife into the vagina. It feels so embarrassing to explain this pain to everyone. The fact that this monthly occurrence is a little uncomfortable and definitely not glamorous makes people hesitant to speak freely about it, or reveal that they are experiencing it at this exact moment.

We always want to present our best, most perfect self to others all the time, so the fact that something happening inside our bodies isn’t super glamorous deters us from feeling uncomfortable with experiencing it! Why should women should feel awkward if a tampon or pad falls out of their bag in public?. And Why should women secretly bring feminine products to the bathroom so they can change them during the day? Why should women feel uneasy talking about their periods out loud. This answer is we shouldn’t. I’m not saying you need to be freely walking around telling everyone how heavy your flow is this cycle, but don’t feel like you can’t if you want to. Don’t feel embarrassed when it happens, to tell someone that you can’t help it because I’m on my periods. Let people know that it’s natural to have a period pain and you have got the right to take a day rest!


PMS or premenstrual syndrome starts one or two weeks before the actual periods and it’s common symptoms are food cravings, bloating, anxiety, and depression. You lose control over everything.

Health tips:-


Papayas are often recommended to those who have painful and irregular periods.The papain enzyme helps regulate and ease the flow of blood during menstruation. Papaya also stimulates the production of estrogen, thereby normalizing the period cycle.

Skip Workouts:-

Most women skip workouts when they’re PMSing, and I am sure you do it too! This happens because when you’re PMSing and not feeling your best, your brain and body becomes sluggish. So, either you skip your workout sessions or go about them without putting in real effort. As a result, you gain water weight and start storing fat.

Drink water and stay hydrated:-

It might seem odd that you need to drink more water when you’re feeling the most bloated, puffy, and full but the more water you drink the more easily you will eliminate the water build up in your body. Drink 10-8 ounce glasses of fluids like water, juice or milk throughout the day(not all at once) if you’re on-the-go, be sure to take a water bottle with you. This will help you stay hydrated throughout the busy day.

Eat good food:

Try eating more fresh fruits and green veggies. You should work towards getting at least five portions a day of fruits and vegetables. It can steer you away from the food that can make your period symptoms worse: junk foods, chocolate and salty foods. Better best for snack cravings? Try snacking on carrots with hummus, apples and peanut butter or blend up with a smoothie plus, fruits and veggies contain a lot of water, so you’re filling up on the good stuff and staying hydrated at the same time.

Avoid Caffeine:

Caffeine also makes you retain water and gives you that achy, crampy, bloated feeling. So it’s best to cut it off your diet altogether. Did you know caffeine not just in coffee and tea? It’s also in sodas and chocolates. Good substitutes are ginger, herbal tea, herbal ice tea or just plain water. If you’re craving chocolate just grab a small piece of dark chocolate instead of a big candy bar.

Finally, I’ve found a remedy to ease period cramps:-

 I was really keen on sharing this remedy to get rid of the unbearable periods cramps.. I’ve been experiencing this pain since I matured. Periods cramps are as bad as heart attacks. If it doesn’t go away within a day or two then you should definitely consult a doctor as it could become a serious problem in the future. The first two days of periods are terrible for every woman. Some women can bear this pain and some can’t.

For those who can’t bear this pain, I’ve got you an effective remedy which was really been helpful to me to get rid of this unbearable pain. It’s a ‘ice pack’, it comes in handy for pain relief. Just use it as much as you can whenever you can. I suggest everyone to avoid taking any pain killers as they are really harmful to your health. It’s effective at the exact moment but it can be toxic later. From my personal experience, I was hospitalized due to the intake of pain killer. So, use ice packs instead to ease your pain.

For some periods might be gross, but they are natural and not something we should keep to ourselves. Start sharing your personal experiences or tips to make this easy for every woman out there in the world.

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