About Us

Life Artified

A question that has troubled youth for years is “Who are we?”. The question and confusion regarding their identity has always existed even before they come to take responsibilities. We have realized that we have always been looking in the wrong place.

We never had anyone to guide us through the dilemma of our identity. A little confused to find our calling we finally decided to experiment and take matters into our hands. We did waste sometime trying to find what we were looking for but with a little help we did find what we were hoping to find.

But we didn’t wanted others to go through the tedious process of experimentation without any assistance. We decided to come up with a platform where people could bring their stories to the web and share their experience with the world. We wanted to share not only success but also failures and what people learnt from those failures.

The early days were definitely a struggle, finding the team which shared the same passion was very difficult. Life Artified started with a small group of passionate creatives without a proper office. I think it would be apt to say, an empty cafe was our office for the day. In this time we decided to explore, study and learn the market. We designed the pages and built a website which would not only grasp your attention but also keep you addicted to it.

To begin, we’re committed to bringing in change among the youth. We decided to not only work as a platform but also as a support system for youth who would be able to bring their ideas and worried anonymously and get answers to the queries from the industry experts. We decided to play a part in bringing the youth to a place where they would be clear with their doubts and make decisions which seem fit.